Quality and Investments

over 30 years experience

We are a metal working company producing high-precision mechanical components on behalf third parties, for manufacturing purposes or in full supply. The high quality of our production-processes, the constant upgrade of our equipment and the continuous training of our professional skills have made us one of the most qualified mechanical workshops of the branch. 
T.M.S. was born at the beginning of 90s and boasts significant experience in high-precision mechanical processing and supply of third-party special components or equipment, development of prototypes or samples as well as assembly of mechanical groups and entire machinery. Thanks to its craft dimension and the wide range of its machinery, the company is extremely flexible, both in processing of precision components and mechanical groups of small and medium dimension. 
T.M.S. precision mechanical workshop
The company, over the years, has developed its own industrial processes depending on the customers’ needs, keeping updated the technology of its machinery and equipment.
Innovation and flexibility have indeed allowed us to consolidate our own activities, keeping ourselves always in step with the requests of improving our products and our production-processes such as turning, milling, boring and grinding. 
We invested a lot in technology, not only in the machinery, but also in the use of tools able to guarantee always the best mechanical craftmanship, specializing in the production of mechanical components, both easy and complex, which require high precision.
T.M.S. today employs more than 20 employees.

Mission, Vision & Values

We are able to combine a high customization-level typical of hand-crafted products and the complexity of high-standards industrial production. Every process is developed by high-skilled staff, respecting delivery terms with extreme punctuality and reliability.


We want to deserve the trust of everyone we work with, keeping our promises, behaving fairly and taking the responsibility of our work.


We work hard with utmost passion to provide effective and proper answers to the customers’ needs, establishing a solid partnership with them.


For us, the best results can be obtained only by working in team, cooperating with co-workers, colleagues and customers.


We respect our community and the eco-system we operate in. For us, contributing to improve living standards and social progress, is a duty.


We dedicate all our energies to improve constantly our results and our services. For us, doing well is not enough.


We want to deserve our reputation of “pioneers” facing commonplaces and studying always new ways to satisfy our customer.

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Our company is located in
Via XXIV Maggio 12
22070 Guanzate (Co)

Telephone number: +39 031 560 052
E-mail: tms@tms-srl.it

Business hours

08:00 - 17:00

T.M.S. srl

We are specialized in third-party precision mechanical and metal processing (turning and milling), working with specific production units, precision machinery with turning machines and CNC machining centers.
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