Metal Welding

TIG – Arc – Electrode welding

With our TIG – Arc – Electrode welding service we guarantee excellent results in terms of punctuality, speed, quality and resistance of the products.
Welding is a mechanical process which consists of joining two metallic elements through the action of heat and/or pression, adding filler metal (external) or not, and it can be defined in two main categories: “autogenous” and “heterogenous” welding.

In the first situation, the material of the two parts to be joined contributes to the creation of the final joint and it can be executed with or without filler metal; in the second one, also called brazing, the joint is obtained by fusing filler material, which is external to the elements to be joined. In both cases, this process produces permanent and irreversible joints; moreover, there are different types of autogenous welding which produce continuity in the material, making junctures practically invisible.

T.M.S. is specialized in third-party mechanical processing and, for over 30 years, has been offering TIG – wire – electrode mechanical welding services, both to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in several branches of industrial automation, and to companies dealing with maintenance services, which need to collect specific bespoke components in short time.

Precision mechanics: TIG/MIG – arc – electrode welding service

Adapting to new processing technologies and to a more ever-demanding market in terms of punctuality and speed, the industrial welding branch experiences a constant evolution.

Thanks to the constant upgrade of our machinery, we can manage several high-precision processing for the production of any component requested, guaranteeing maximum flexibility in every occasion and products characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio.

Managing every process directly in our mechanical workshop, we execute every type of welding process on a large selection of metals, such as carbon steel, aluminum, brass and cast iron, guaranteeing the full respect of all the specifics requested.

Our welding department is equipped as below:

  • TIG/MIG welder
  • electrode welders
  • arc welders

The excellent competence of our skilled welding-technicians enables us to guarantee remarkable results in terms of fast execution and punctuality. Moreover, counting on a quality-control department, equipped with micrometric air-conditioned room, baseboard and “Alpa” altimeter, we ensure excellent precision in production.
TIG – Arc – Electrode welding

Why should you turn to T.M.S. for metallic welding services

Born in the 90s dealing with construction and maintenance of carts and printing tables, today T.M.S. is specialized in the branches of precision mechanics and industrial automation, offering turning, milling and welding services and producing metallic or plastic components on design or sample of the customer, treatments or coatings included.
Moreover, the company offers an exclusive department dedicated to repair and assembly a wide range of machines and “turnkey” services for the design and the development of textile and industrial machinery implementing project or concept of the commissioner, complete with hydraulic and electrical systems and software.

Giving prompt and proper answers and working in full cooperation with customers, the company provides TIG/MIG – arc – electrode metal welding services, , standing out for fast delivery of industrial components designed on specific demands of the commissioners and developed with the highest quality standards.
High-quality production is guaranteed by the perfect organization of our resources and workflow, by the high professionality of our technicians, by the selection of raw materials and by the strong bias in problem solving, which enable T.M.S. to ensure fast and flexible services for different purposes.

How to request us a free quotation for TIG – arc – electrode welding services

Requesting quotations or advices for metal welding services is easy and without commitment. T.M.S. team can be contacted from Monday to Friday 8.00-17.00 at +39 031560052 or by Email at
T.M.S srl is located in Guanzate – Como, XXIV Maggio 12 street and operates both in Italy and abroad.

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We are specialized in third-party precision mechanical and metal processing (turning and milling), working with specific production units, precision machinery with turning machines and CNC machining centers.
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